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Hinal Patel
Hinal Patel
  • Fayaz Jetha
    Fayaz Jetha
  • Navi Sangha
    Navi Sangha
  • Melanie Jenkins
    Melanie Jenkins
  • Pawarin Wattansombat
    Pawarin Wattansombat
  • Hinal Patel

    Buy Brand Provigil, Where To Buy Provigil Uk


    GDC number: Provigil Buy

    Hinal has been at the practice for 10 years and is meeting new people all the time. Being a dentist is more than treating patients for Hinal, it’s about making a difference to someone’s lifestyle and wellbeing. In his own practice, Hinal focuses on building a family-friendly atmosphere. He sometimes treats all the generations of a family and gets to know them, building relations that keep his patients at ease.

    When he’s not at our practice, Hinal is lowering his handicap at the golf course or (when the weather permits) keeping fit at the gym. What he enjoys the most, however, is spending time with his kids.

    Qualifications and notable achievements

    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Kings College London
    Fayaz Jetha

    Fayaz Jetha

    BDS (London Barts)
    PG Diploma

    GDC number: Provigil Buy Online

    Fayaz has been a dentist at Epsom for nearly nine years. His attention to detail has helped us create treatments that are as minimally invasive as possible. Fayaz has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and endodontics, keeping up to date with the latest techniques by continually attending courses. He makes sure that he always delivers the best services, offering a high standard of care that provides long lasting aesthetic and functional treatments.

    Keeping active and fit keeps Fayaz busy outside of work. He visits the gym regularly, staying in shape. He also enjoys football – both watching and playing.

    Qualifications and notable achievements

    • BDS London 2006. Barts & the London School of Medicine and Dentistry
    • PG Diploma (Endodontic practice)
    Navi Sangha

    Navi Sangha

    BChD (U. Leeds)
    MJDF RCS (Eng)
    UCL PG Cert Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry

    GDC number: Provigil Buy Uk

    Navi specialises in Aesthetic Dentistry, making sure his patients achieve the smile that they want. His passion lies in restorative dentistry, especially in minimally invasive treatments which take the patient’s comfort into consideration.

    Navi has also trained to provide non-surgical facial aesthetics. He will provide a bespoke service tailed to you. As a dentist, Navi has an in-depth understanding of the face and surrounding anatomy. Precision, pain control and the management of complications, are just some of the advantages of seeing a trained professional.

    Outside the practice, Navi enjoys traveling and getting his entertainment at the theatre.

    Qualifications and notable achievements

    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery at University of Leeds, 2009
    • Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties, Royal College of Surgeons, England
    • University College London Post-Graduate Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry at Eastman Dental Institute
    Melanie Jenkins

    Melanie Jenkins

    BDS Newcastle 1999
    PgCert UCL 2008
    PgCert Dental Education

    GDC number: Provigil Buy Online Uk

    Melanie really believes that talking to patients is essential to providing the best care. Having an open dialogue between patient and dentist allows her to give the best treatment possible, and it makes the practice a more friendly environment. Melanie has been at our practice for 15 years and used to be a dental trainer.

    Family is everything to Melanie and she loves spending time with her young children. When the weather permits, she likes to play golf, but she also likes unwinding with a good book.

    Qualifications and notable achievements

    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Newcastle University 1999
    • Post-graduate certificate of restorative dentistry University College London, 2008
    • Post-graduate certificate of Dental Education, University of Bedford, 2014
    Pawarin Wattansombat

    Pawarin Wattansombat

    BDS MSc

    GDC Number: Provigil For Sale Online

    Pawarin is our newest member of our team, but she has been working as a dentist for 10 years. The area of dentistry that she’s most interested in is clinical dentistry, cosmetic treatment in particular. However, she also has a special interest in root canal treatment. Pawarin understands that going to the dentist can be a stressful ordeal for some people and dedicates much of her time to making sure her patients are at ease. She hopes that her approach can help her phobic patients overcome their fears.

    In Pawarin’s free time, she’s often found out and about taking her Chihuahua Truffle out for a walk. She’s a dedicated foodie too and loves finding out new cuisines to sink her teeth into.

    Qualifications and notable achievements

    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Guy’s, King’s and St. Thomas in 2009
    • Masters in Restorative and Aesthetic dentistry, University of Manchester in 2016

    Buy Brand Provigil, Where To Buy Provigil Uk

    Akil Gulamali

    Akil Gulamali

    MFDS RCS (Eng)
    MPros RCS Ed Specialist Prosthodontist

    GDC number: Provigil Generic Online

    Akil has been part of the team at Epsom Dental Care since 2008. He provides general and specialist restorative dental care. He is our Specialist Prosthodontist Akil works hard to deliver a high-quality service that focuses as much on the patient’s comfort as possible. He also remains involved in current advancements in dentistry through his memberships with The International Team of Implantology, The British Society of Restorative Dentistry and The British Society of Prosthodontics. At the heart of this is his personal ability to be self-critical and a commitment to life-long learning.

    Consultations with Akil are booked for 30 minutes at a cost of £90 (which is payable at the time of booking) including radiographs and a written report. Akil will send a copy of the written report to both the patient and the referring General Dental Practitioner (GDP) and keep you both updated on the patient’s progress.

    Qualifications and notable achievements

    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ School of dentistry, UK in 2003.
    • Senior house officer in restorative dentistry.
    • Membership in the Faculty of Dental Surgery (MFDS), Royal College of Surgeons of England.
    • Master of Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent) in fixed and removable prosthodontics the Eastman Dental Institute of Clinical Excellence, University College London in 2009
    • Membership in Prosthodontics – the highest award available for the Prosthodontic mono-specialty by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
    • Specialist in Prosthodontics with the General Dental Council of UK.
    Arwa Al-Khaburi

    Arwa Al-Khaburi

    BDS (Bristol)
    MClinDent (merit) (London)
    MPerio RCSEd

    GDC number: Provigil Generic Buy Online

    Arwa is our periodontics specialist at Epsom Dental Care. When she is not at our practice, she teaches Periodontology to undergraduate students at Guys Hospital. She frequently attends national and international clinical meetings and conferences so the treatments she provides are informed by the latest technological and clinical advances in her field.

    Arwa provides a comprehensive range of non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatments including open flap debridement, pocket reduction surgery, periodontal regeneration, crown lengthening and mucogingival periodontal plastic surgery. Other treatment includes the provision of implants and management of peri-implantitis.

    Periodontal consultations with Arwa will last for one hour and fifteen minutes, at a cost of £90 including radiographs and a written report. Arwa will send a copy of the written report to you and the referring General Dental Practitioner (GDP). She will keep you both updated on the patient’s progress.

    Qualifications and notable achievements

    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bristol University in 1999
    • Worked in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for two years in Oman
    • Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
    • Advanced clinical postgraduate certificate in Periodontology and Implantology, 2014
    • MClinDent (Perio) King’s College London- Sept 2009 to Sept 2013
    • Membership in Periodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.– Sept 2013 Advanced Clinical Postgrad
    Federico Foschi

    Federico Foschi

    DipDS 2002

    GDC number: Provigil Ordering Online

    Registered Specialist: Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry

    For Endodontic treatment, you will be referred to Federico. Federico can provide primary treatment of complex anatomical features, re-treatment, and apical surgery. He lectures in Endodontology at King’s College London as well as working as a part-time Consultant in Endodontics at the Guy’s Hospital and St Thomas NHS Trust.

    Federico’s expertise comes across in how he provides treatment to all his patients. His ever-continuing work in the academic sphere informs his clinical practice, making sure he always delivers the best service possible.

    Endodontic consultations with Federico will last for thirty minutes, at a cost of £90 including radiographs and a written report. Federico will send a copy of the written report to both the patient and the referring General Dental Practitioner (GDP) and keep you both updated on the patient’s progress. Please be assured that any patients referred to Federico will only be treated with reference to endodontic care and the patients will be referred back to their GDP for routine care and maintenance.

    Qualifications and notable achievements

    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Honours, School of Dentistry, University of Bologna, Italy
    • Ph.D. in Endodontic Clinical Microbiology, the Forsyth Institute, Boston, MA, USA.
    • Masters in Endodontics, University of Bologna, Italy.
    • Specialty in Restorative Dentistry (Endodontics, Periodontics, and Prosthodontics), King’s College London, London

    Academic appointments

    • Clinical Demonstrator, Division of Conservative Dentistry, Department of Dental Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy, 2002-2003
    • Clinical Lecturer in Endodontology. King’s College, Dental Institute at Guy’s and St. Thomas Hospitals, London. Hon SpR Restorative Dentistry, 2009-2014
    • Program Director MSc in Endodontics, King’s College London, 2014-current
    • Consultant in Endodontics, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, 2015-current

    Honours and Awards

    • Pulp Biology Group Award, Predoctoral Category for the study “Treponema denticola and Red-Complex Endodontic Infection in RAG-1 and WT Mice. Foschi F, Izard 2005, J, Sasaki, Prati C, Sambri V, Stashenko P. J Dent Res 84 (Spec Iss A): 1579, 2005.
    • Reviewer, International Endodontic Journal. 2011,
    • Best Endodontic Clinical Tutor, KCL Dental Society, 2012


    Elaine Ivermee

    Elaine Ivermee

    Theresa Bovington

    Theresa Bovington

    Our Services

    We provide our patients with both NHS and Private treatments. Our team of specialists provides high-quality dental care. We provide treatments such as restorative dentistry, periodontics, cosmetic treatment, root canal treatment, teeth whitening and facial aesthetics.

    We believe in listening. Where possible, we try to arrange a consultation where you can discuss how you wish to proceed with your care. We can then put together a treatment plan that works best for you.

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    39 Dorking Road
    KT18 7JR

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